Kathleen Griffith ~ Trustee & Treasurer

Change Is Possible

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Kathleen Griffith ~ Trustee & Treasurer

Meet Kath 💙 Our Treasurer

She is one of our trustees and most importantly – Pete’s mum! 💙 Every day for the next week we’ll be sharing our stories. Please like & share!

“My husband and I have just celebrated 54 years of marriage and today we have our only son back in our lives. For 30 years it wasn’t like that. The constant worry, stress and helplessness of watching him live in drug addiction consumed our lives. There were times he gave us hope, only for us to have it ripped away. It felt like we were having our hearts broken over and over again. We had given up hope of being a family again. Finally, on December 1st, 2016 he found recovery and we know now that we did too. Over the last 4 years our lives have changed dramatically. Our family is together. It’s all we’ve ever wanted.

Being part of Better Way Recovery is so close to both our hearts. Having seen and felt what addiction does to a family, I know how vital this support is to a person trying to stop using drugs, but also their poor families who are left picking up the pieces. Addiction really does effect the whole family, but so does recovery in far more ways than we could have possibly imagined. That’s why I am honored to be part of this charity, and its mission to help families just like ours.”

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